Adélina & Heneco

Dance Instructor

Heneco starts kizomba in 2014 under the tutelage of Eden Kims and Aude Gaelle Deelight, then perfections his apprenticeship with Curtis Seldon. After an experience as a taxi dancer and as a teacher between November 2015 and March 2016 in the KTT team (Khao Suay team), he joins the CMD team “change my dance”, and starts teaching in its dance school.

Meanwhile, being an amateur salsa and bachata dancer since many years, Adélina discovers kizomba at the beginning of 2015 thanks to SBK parties. She meets an instructor from Belgium who teaches her everything he knows, she assists him during his classes in Lille and Belgium, and wins a dance competition organized by Citizen Fox Latin Sunday in Mons in December 2015 which allows her to give lessons at her first festival.

Heneco and Adélina meet later, during the Kizz’me Bachamore festival in April 2016 (in Belgium) and leave without dancing together, with the promise to remedy to this lack of time as soon as possible.
It is only months later that they meet again in Paris, where they finally have the opportunity to share a dance: it’s a mutual crush.

They instantly decide to start a partnership together, and start already planning many projects!

Once they fulfilled their respective commitments, they officially embarked on this new adventure together in February 2017. Since then, they have been booked in numerous festivals around the world where they gave workshops, choreographic bootcamps, etc.: Spain, Japan, Russia, Romania, Georgia, Switzerland, Belgium, Turkey, Korea, Italy, Germany, etc.

They moved from France (Paris) to the US (California) in 2019 and give weekly classes in San Jose.

They distinguish themselves with their technical, precise and musical UrbanKiz dance style. As for their classes, they put pedagogy and fun at heart of their priorities: students are here to learn together, and have fun! Because what would a class be without laughter?