Christina Lesego

Dance Instructor

Christina Lesego stumbled across her first Kizomba lesson in 2014 and from that moment a whole world opened up before her.

While her dance background was in Salsa, Bachata, Jamaican dancehall, as well as other styles of dance, Kizomba resonated with her in a much deeper way than other partner dances. She loved the connection, the music and the feeling and began taking lessons from local instructors and it wasn’t long before she started going to festivals, taking as many workshops and learning all she could about Kizomba; its dance, music and culture.

She has danced Kizomba around the world, Angola, Paris, South Africa, and Mozambique to name a few. She has attended festivals taking workshops with top international instructors, taken private lessons and jumps at any chance to dance and learn more about Kizomba.

Her attention to detail, patience and understanding of dance and how people move create an optimal learning experience for her students. She is all about feeling and fun, while still paying attention to accuracy and technique. Her ability to accommodate her teaching, allows each student the opportunity to find out what works for them and how their own body likes to move.

Christina has also been a long time organizer of events in the Bay Area and hosts her own monthly Kizomba party, as well as organizing and collaborating other parties and workshops